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Janette Blainey

Janette Blainey, a retired educator, continues to work with communities, in particular with the local custodial people in Gumbaynggirr country. Learning, and the different ways people learn, has been at the centre of her life. Along with her own learning, Janette has facilitated the learning of others in families, communities and villages, institutions and corporations. Her work took her to different cultures in many countries.

Respect is at the core of who she is. Janette is deeply committed to including custodial voices in decisions relating to Country and the environment. This aligns with her interest in V4C, where she believes that community voices need to be heard and that for representative government to be truly effective, it needs to be accountable to the people it serves.

Janette brought her young family to live in Gumbaynggirr country over 40 years ago now. Two of her grandchildren also grew up in the electorate. At this stage of her life, she wishes to do all she can to contribute to a healthy sustainable world for future generations.