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Amy Hodson

Amy is an engineer and a Mum of a young family. She returned to the Cowper area two years ago so that her children could be closer to extended family and grow up enjoying the wonderful community and natural beauty of this area. 

Amy’s initial degree is in engineering and she has been at the cutting edge of several renewable energy technologies. Her most significant achievement was as the Drilling Manager for the Geodynamics project in South Australia where the team demonstrated the ability to produce renewable electricity from deep high-temperature, high-pressure rocks.

Alongside her working life, Amy obtained an MBA at QUT and a Graduate Certificate in Energy Studies at University of QLD. Her main focus in engineering has been in risk management and she teaches a 4th year engineering class on this at the University of Queensland. Amy’s voluntary roles have focused on educational organisations and include childcare centres, universities, philosothons and professional development networks.

In 2017, Amy took a step away from industry to spend more time with her two daughters. During this time, she started a part-time PhD in social-science and science communication. Amy believes that development is only successful if the community concerns are embedded in the design and policy stages. Amy has joined V4C in the hope that our research will help politicians understand and address the needs of their community.